Skorbut proudly presents: BALKAN PIRATES TOUR 2012 

Comicausstellung: Distorted Mirrors „The secret life of famous persons and places in dreams of comics drawers – exploring the collective subconsciousness through graphic narrative. Curated and coordinated by Vladimir Palibrk.“

Dokumentarfilm (20Uhr): (On the Quest for)Beograd Underground (Muriel Buzarra, 70min, 2011, Spain/Serbia, OmeU)
„It is truely the best view on what is happening now and how the socio-cultural ’90s/Milosevic regime created a fertile ground of anti-rebels.“

Konzert (22Uhr): Alone „sci-fi dark minimal digital synth one cell band“
im Anschluss: CRNI PEK „a compilation of strange and unpublished music from ’90’s“